Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Yesterday I wanted to write this great post about how I have one corner of our house that is the peace and joy of Christmas, in the tidal wave of a mess that the rest of the house is.  But then the mess consumed me. . . it took me an hour to figure out that reason my SD card wouldn't read from the reader in my printer was because the printer and the computer weren't connected.  Then we went to get my phone and it took us and hour and a half to drive a 30 minute drive because EVERYONE was trying to get to Target, Best Buy and ToysRUs, by the time we finally got there we discovered that not only is the iPhone 4S on back order but  I need super Verizon national customer service to separate me out of my parents plan, not just in store Verizon dudes.  Epic Christmas fail on our part = no gift for me until the new year. 
Did I mention that Bruce spent the day drilling a giant hole in the chimney? He did. Then he had an anxiety attack that the wouldn't finish and sent me to Home Depot and after a phone call about deciding what I need my phone died so I missed the call in which he would have told me to just come home he had completed the hole.

Then I took this photo.
And remembered that: We are all happy and healthy, we have jobs, an awesome dog, and a warm house to live in.  Yesterday our (and my extended family's) gifts were delivered to the medical day care unit at Franciscan Hospital for Children. (Learn more about FHC here they are awesome!) I remembered that these are the important things, the embodiment of the holiday. So slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the season.
Merry Christmas!!!