Sunday, August 4, 2013

Because July was Crazy.

Because we are a little crazy.
SERIOUSLY you guys! What is going on around here!?!
We'll re-do the breezeway roof over the fourth of July holiday Famous last words.  It's almost done.  While you do that I'll paint the front door, we should build a 'Murphy desk' from the free Expedit TV system we got, I'll re-seal the floors.  More Famous last words, the desk is done but not organized and with no system to hold it up, there will be a tutorial someday; it will be great.  The front door still needs another coat of paint and only the living room floors are sealed.  Chole the chinchilla has conjuctivitis because she had been in the basement since March, well either that or she needs a CT scan to see if she needs a root canal (are you kidding me!!!).   Last weekend we spent with friends and family for my big 3-0 it was great, almost as great as the Saturday of fouth of July weekend would have been if Bruce had been with me.  This weekend I made fresh pasta and ribs.  I cannot say that we have not been productive.  But I can say that this is the first year since 2003 that I have missed all the NSW planning meetings and have not visited camp at all and I can say that this is one of the first "first weekend of August" that I have missed in a long time.  And I have been prickly (to quote Bruce), in a definet funk, but now I'm getting out of it and there are new posts in the works.