Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hallway Wrap-Up

This feels like it has been the longest little project, all totaled it has been over a year in progress.  In reality there has been one frame waiting for photos sitting in the office since May.  You can check out what the front hallway looks like here and here.  There are a lot of doorways in the back hallway; the office, full bath, both bedrooms and the front hallway.  This doesn't leave a lot of wall space for hanging.


This is the view from the office, we replaced the existing light because we couldn't find a shade to fit it.  The shade that we managed to break about a month after we moved it.  We replaced it with a  ten dollar fixture from Lowe's that Bruce removed the pull chain from, then I spray painted a bronzy color.  I've had that frame since college, I painted that the same color as the light and swapped out most of the photos for some more recent ones.  I'd like to find a cute way to frame out the thermostat but I don't think Bruce would go for it.


This is the view from our bedroom doorway.  The frame on the right has an antique "pocket book" of Shakespeare's Henry the Eighth that Bruce gave me for Valentines Day a few years ago (an homage to my love of all things Tudor).  On the left is a print from Poppy and Pinecone on Etsy.


It is so nice to feel like this space is finally finished!  Sorry the photos aren't the best the angles are pretty difficult!