Monday, September 7, 2009

Beginning of Day 3

Ok so Bruce spent much of Saturday working on the red truck, as its pretty necessary to move things like . . . beds, tables, couches etc. We headed up to the house late afternoon, I cleaned the master bedroom and the bathroom. The former owners were smokers, I can't wait to take down the wallpaper and atleast get the bedroom painted. Everthing reaks. The storm windows are already on so opening the windows for fresh air is out of the question. Bruce tried to get the lawn mower to work, and after more work yesterday it is semi functional although it seems to me that it flattens more than it mows.
Sunday Bruce picked up a pretty decent weed whaker off craigs list and did as much of the yard as possible until he ran out of spool. Eventually you will be able to see the two stone walls and maybe we'll be able to revive the landscaping that was there. He worked on sorting out the garage for the rest of the day just to make some room and to figure out what's there. We're going to need a dumpster.

I attempted to get the stains off the walls in the master bedroom, no dice, so I washed the walls then gave up on washing walls, that is what stain hiding primer is for. I cleaned out the other bedroom. Then spent most of the rest of the day on my hands and knees cleaning the floors. Is it possible to get poisoning from Murphy's Soap Oil? 8 dirty buckets (I think)
The house had wall to wall carpeting over these beautiful floors with a small trim piece over the carpet. I'll cut to the chase 40 years of dirt. Enough said. Floors are now beautiful.
The Cote's came down at dusk with some furniture, the blue couches, the kitchen table, the TV stand and Bruce's tools, they might be back today with the rest of the furniture that's in Granby.

I hope that this will be my longest post and I'm going to try to take lots of pictures.

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