Monday, September 28, 2009


is this getting old for anyone else? Delays, delays and more delays. We are somewhere between the UDSA being out of appropriations, hating the mortgage broker and an FHA loan. Here are the basics:
Apparently the USDA approprioations for mortages are out of money but they get their money for the next fiscal year Oct 1. The USDA loan does not require a down payment and is something like 102% financing.
I have hated the broker since he "forgot" we needed the lead test, had the lead test been done at the appropriot time maybe the USDA wouldn't have been out of money by the time we got to them!!!!!!
The FHA loan requires a down payment (which we can still do) and I have been told we definetly will not be able to afford a dog with this option. BUMMER!

Bottom line: My thesis proposal is due in less than 4 weeks. I need a desk/command center/office place I can set up my keyboard, mouse computer, etc. sit down and "bang it out" because the current life set up is anti-thesis progress.

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