Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Much Rain!

So we've had the dumpster since Monday morning and the cable install was yesterday. The cable man came out of the basement and said "you sure have your work cut out for you." Thanks cable guy like I didn't know that already. But my thesis proposal is in and my exam is over so I can finally do a few things here at the house. I think I'm going to unpack the kitchen now that it's nice and clean (which we did at 9pm Saturday night).
I've cooked once, you don't want to know what we've been eating aside from that, we've been alittle gross. Last night we adventured to the "tavern" down the road. We pulled in and the parking lot was full of pickup trucks, bruce insisted on coming home and changing into a t-shirt. The food was pretty good and they have OpaOpa on tap (not quite BBC but tastes like home) pretty good considering its a mile or so down the road.

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