Monday, November 2, 2009

Busiest Weekend So Far!

Wow! What a weekend! We got so much accomplished inside and outside the house. This post will contain the first set of before and after photos!!!!
The Cote's came down Friday afternoon and stayed till yesterday afternoon, we got so much accomplished I didn't think it was possible!

First we tackled the breezeway and the yard, there was alot to save in the breezeway. Two big bags of clothes to donate, a big bag of blankets for the animal shelter and lots of glassware. But alot went into the dumpster. I'm excited for the things to rehab and refinish but glad to actually have the breezeway be a useful space. I'm thinking that while the second dumpester is here we should rip up the rug because even with all the moldy old stuff gone, its still alittle smelly. Plus its ugly! The pile of crap behind the garage is also gone as is what was in the fire pit, the clawfoot tub remains but it is missing two feet. While Bruce and his parents were doing the yard I pulled together the guest room, made dinner and ordered the brand new washer and dryer!!!

Saturday we cleaned the basement. All day. It smells so much better, but I was so thankfull that my dad had sent down the dust masks, we would probably all be in respiratory failure without them. The ashes are gone, the gross furniture is gone, the mold and mildew are mostly gone. There was not much to save, it made me sad throwing away so many vintage boxes and things that would have been cute if they weren't growing things!

Saturday alittle more than 24 hours after we put the first thing in the dumpster it was full. Way ahead of schedule, Bruce called to have it hauled away and for a new (smaller) one for the remains of the basement and the garage, but its the weekend.

Sunday the new washer and dryer came, they are amazing. I was being realistic and figured I probably wouldn't actually be using them until after dark, as the dryer needed to be hard wired. But by 3pm (after moping the floor immediately around them) I started my first load of laundry. I think as I write this load 6 is in the washer, with many more to go. The kitchen light is also fixed and the back gutters are clean.

The to-do list is still very long but we have made hopeful progress, now if I could just get the kitchen unpacked!

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