Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Closet and Half Bath in Progress

Busy weekend, as usual. Bruce worked on cars, we had our intro class at puppy kindergarten (minus puppy) and I painted. There was also a minor meltdown about the shop vac but everything is copacetic now :-)
I've been on a mission to paint then organize our closets since we moved in. They were smelly and the bedroom closet had some nasty stains.
This weekend I managed to get the closet primed! Yay! It looks so much better already I just want to put everthing back in! Like the linen closet I'm going to wait to actually paint the walls until we do the bedroom and I pick a color. I love the black and white half bath, there are no in progress photos because it was in progress when we moved in as you can see by the painters tape that is present from this pre-move in photo. But I filled some holes and sanded, I just need to motivate to prime

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