Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy little Bees

I've been spending max time at lab recently, which is actually max time Kenny Puppy can "hold it".  So I haven't done much by the way of projects. But while I'm not "holding it" I'm analyzing paint colors so I can match the paint in the half bath to the tile!

The bright white paint just doesn't do it for me with the tile, plus I think it makes the tile look dirty instead of "aged"
We had Bruce's family over for dinner Sunday night, while I have no good money savers for you (we had pizza) I made a lovely cheese plate on our new cheese slate. I have no idea if we are using this correctly, it was part of a house warming basket from our Real Estate agent.

I also got festive with a candy splurge for our "found" trinket tray.

Finally a photo of Kenny Puppy, under me with his head on my feet which are on the feet of my chair!

"Mooooom stop blogging and play with me!"

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