Friday, February 5, 2010

Projects and Progress

Maybe you've noticed the project tally I have going to the right, and it appears that there are a few things that are almost done but not.
The A4 - Bruce's deal, probably 3 or 4 more weekends.
The Half Bath - is painted white, except the tile is "antique" white, also know as tobacco stained white, I have three paint chips up and am trying to decide which one is the one. This also means that I'm vascillating about cleaning the tile first. The medicine cabinet needs some rehab and things need to be hung up.
The Master Closet - I'm in progress of making/finding some boxes to fit in my hanging shelves so that I can get rid of the plastic drawers that reside next to my dresser.
The Full Bath - the tile and grout really need to be cleaned, I'm dreading/procrastinating/avoiding it.
Things that aren't even started, I can't move the outlet and therefore can't move the fridge, our lab work isn't quite done so I haven't started writing yet, and the master curtains need tie backs and also magnets to keep the heat on the room side of the curtain, not the window side of the curtain

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