Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DayDreaming . . .

I was away this past weekend and now the weather is starting to get nicer.  This means I have been doing alot of day dreaming, turning your brain off for a weekend and recharging is essential sometimes.  I just have trouble with the restart, little school work has been accomplished! Instead I've been salivating over beautiful new lighting for our bedroom, countertops for the kitchen, what upstairs should look like and what I'm going to grow in the garden! This must have something to do with our plans to go to the home show this weekend!
Bruce has finished putting all the new parts for his car but there is still a mystery problem. Booooooo, I was planning a trip home over spring break which may not happen now.
Kenny had a sucessful trip to the town tennis courts (right down the road) last night, its a good place for him to run free and if it warms up alittle today I think I'll take him again to do some training.  Stay tuned, I'm planning on making him a bed from his favorite blanket!

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