Monday, March 8, 2010

In like a Lion out like a Lamb

During the dreary rain last week I picked up an Easter decoration, I love getting ready for spring!

Then my parents decided to take a Saturday drive to come see us, I asked them to bring a few odds and ends and some forsythia to force inside, they brought lots. 

Then we realized while wondering around the yard looking for bulbs that we have a ton of our own forsythia in the back yard.

Yesterday and today I did some spring clean up of the top tier of the front yard and its rock retaining wall.  Trying to pick up alittle slack for Bruce as his car is still not fixed yet. . . . its a long story. But I did manage to uncover some sprouting things!!!!

And today it is almost 60 degrees outside, that means FLIP FLOPS!!!! These are my trusty JCrew flip flops so excited that its finally getting nice out!

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