Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Last Summer Adventure: Part 1

Sitting here in long pants and a sweatshirt it's hard to belive that two weeks ago it was 90 degrees and I was in desperate need of a swim! Wednesday morning on the first of September, Kenny and I were up with Bruce as he was leaving for work.  We packed up and were on our way back to The Pond where my cousin Laura, her two children, and my cousin Andy and his dog Brady were there waiting for us.

And Kenny was excited to be back.  He loves his cousin Brady, he loves to swim, he loves three year old Will who is at his eye level and calls him Kennay (think Jennay from Forest Gump), he loves six year old Elizabeth who talks to him like he's a person, pretty much he loves being at the pond with the family.
We had great take out seafood that night and just before they left Thursday Will wanted to know if they could come to our house "to visit Kennay".

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