Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Are you asking What is this job that keeps you so busy Christine?  Well aside from getting up and being gone most of the day; I'm a research assistant in an Immunobiology laboratory in the Medical Laboratory Sciences department on the medical campus of a University in the New Haven area.  I do support work for an assistant professor and a post-doctoral fellow, it's really cool, super science~y and I get to take awesome pictures like this one.
And make movies like it.  I can also wear jeans, set my own hours (within reason) and attend lectures to keep learning.  I have great benifits and the people I work for and with are all wonderful, I love being in an academic environment it's so laid back!

* This is not an image that I made/took but found in a search on Google Images, I'm sorry I cannot give credit to the author but the search was so long ago I forgot to cite it.

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