Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not Quite A Mudroom

Our breezeway isn't heated, which is sad because it would make for a Pinterest~able mudroom.  Our coat closet is in the front hallway, by the front door, which we never use; this makes the closet good for storage but not our everyday coats.  For awhile now we have had two command hooks on the side of the fridge to catch our coats as we come in the door and the kitchen table was a dumping ground for everything else. Apart from what is labeled in the photo below there are hats, gloves, mail, flashlights and random things to be put away elsewhere.
I added two more medium command hooks for jackets and sweatshirts, two small command hooks for lunch boxes, purses or gym bags, a folder (from Martha Stewart's line from Avery at Staples) for menus and such, and replaced the calendar pages (but kept the dry erase board).  I hung two hooks by the door for our keys and moved the hook for Kennay's leash up so that the leash doesn't get stuck in the door or drag on the floor.  Mail is sorted and placed on desks in the office when we bring it in from the mailbox.
 Our lunch boxes now live on top of the fridge (I took this in the morning after I had packed Bruce's lunch which is why it's on the table.) The basket on the table catches hats and gloves, in the summer it will catch garden supplies.  The dishes are waiting to go back to my mom.  I've instituted a two pair rule for under the kitchen table.  Bruce has house shoes, running shoes, work shoes, basement shoes, take the dog out shoes and they all end up under the table because the breezeway is too cold.  Now he gets two pair the rest go in the closet where they belong.

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