Monday, February 4, 2013

Goals Update:

Purge and Tame: Two bags of trash and a bag of donations taken out of the office.  That doesn't even count the cedar closet. We also had a blitz cleaning session Thursday and Friday to prep for an appraisal Saturday morning.
Blogging:  I took plenty of photos, but other than last week's update nothing made it to publish, I hope to do better this week.  This month I'm taking an online course to better understand my new DSLR, looking forward to taking better photos.
Health and Wellness: Saturday we went out but other than that we've done very well with our healthy living.  We managed to abstain from the beer with dinner Monday thru Thursday, big deal.  Bruce went to the gym a few days.  I went to the gym Monday and made a valiant attempt Wednesday, to no avail. I left work with plenty of time to get to one of my favorite classes, horrible traffic and I missed the class.  I changed, figuring I could run anyways, no dice or more like no running shoes.  It was sad and it made me grumpy.  Better luck this week!

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