Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bedroom Art

Check something else off the list!  I finally have all the frames in our room filled.  That only leaves the closet makeover before we can really call our room complete.  I’m not convinced that the amount of color looks balanced or am I particularly sold with the height of the two pieces over our night stands or if they look quite right any advice please send it my way.  But overall I’m pretty happy with everything.
GroupingThe frames are Threshhold from Target, no longer available, they originally had landscape 5x7 mats in them but I had more ideas for 8x10 portraits so I had new mats made at Michaels.  The mats ended up negating the fact that I got the frames on clearance, oh well.  From left to right the art is: a photo from our honeymoon edited in the Waterlogue app, Penguin Love, Whatever (painterly), Our Marriage Prayer (wedding gift).
WaterlougeAll the art is special but my own homemade print is my favorite.  This app is fairly new and a few of my favorite bloggers have featured it so, I coughed up the $3 and gave it a try.  I love it.  The quality is great, I printed this on my Canon photo printer on heavy weight card stock and it looks wonderful!
MysideI also hung our wedding guestbook canvas, from Teardrop Weddings (doesn't look like they have an active website anymore), over my nightstand.  Again I don’t know if it will stay but I felt like we needed some height over the nightstands and I didn’t want to do this, because we are clumsy and one of them would eventually be broken but maybe it would be nice to have some lamps.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that in approximately nine (NINEHOLYMOLYNINE!!!) weeks it will be taken over by middle of the night baby supplies.  Yes, the bassinet is already set up, someone in our house doesn’t cope well with change.  That someone happens to weigh 102lbs and is very furry, the bassinet has been up since January to help him get used to it being there, in hopes that when there is a tiny human in it, it won’t be so intimidating.
BrucesOn the other side of the bed over Bruce’s nightstand I hung art that we received for Christmas from the Canadian cousins, the colors are perfect for the room.  Also over on that side is the anniversary art I made for Bruce in May.  Again issues with hanging height.  But perfect in our room!

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