Thursday, February 6, 2014

Operation Useful Storage

This past weekend while Bruce and my dad were hard at work finishing the basement floor I took on an organizing project in the dinning room.  I have a hard time doing nothing while others are in the house working so hard.  When my parents were down a few weekends ago I told my mom that I didn't know what to do with my old dishes (she has the same set I was hoping she would want them, but no she also has a ton of dishes!).  She suggested I keep them incase we are ever serving more than eight people, good plan.  I price shopped around for some cases and found the best deal on Amazon. Each set was $15, I got two.  One for my white wicker dishes and one for my Royal China Starburst dishes.

The bottom of the dinning room built-it has been stuffed to over capacity for a while leaving me with no where to keep the large serving piece we use the most because they were just to hard to get out of the pile!

First I pulled out all the Starburst plates, large dishes, cups and saucers and got them all packed away and labeled.

Already much better.

Then out with the white wicker tea cups.  The rest of the white wicker is already in the attic, accept for the dinner plates which are still in our cabinet and are used from time to time.

Looking much better.

A little shuffling around and everything is away, it fits and is accessible!


The cabinet looks like it's a different color in every picture, I took them on two different days and the sun was setting while I was doing a majority of it!

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