Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Update

and I thought last weekend was the busiest so far! Maybe this weekend felt so long because Bruce took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. Wednesday we picked out a light and fan for the bathroom, its beautiful and chrome to match the rest of the chrome accents.

So I got home from school and found Bruce in the bathroom covered in plaster/wallboard dust and heard "Oh I didn't expect you to be home so soon, maybe you shouldn't come in here" He had "removed" the mold from the shower and was pulling down the wallpaper. Now when I say removed I mean REMOVED as in gouged out. It needed to happen the mold was starting to creep behind the tile but man it was alot of work getting the space ready to paint.

The wall paper paste had to be sanded off and the holes from the 6 towel bars needed to be filled. I won't bore you but I spent the rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday spackling and sanding.

I was also able (while waiting for spackle to dry) to shine up the vanity lights and the medicine cabinet. A low cost reno brought to you by Red Bull and spray paint. Do you know that they make spray paint if every finish imaginable? They make chrome, which is why my lights are so shiny, now I just need to figure out what to do about shades.

You may be wondering "Christine, what was Bruce doing while you were busting your butt in the bathroom?" Bruce was playing electrician. I do not advise anyone to try to do electrical work, this is for a trained professional. (Do as I say, not as I do) My request for a fan, his desire to put it on a timer and my desire to hard wire the vanity lights but have the fan light on a switch combined with the circa 1952 period state of the art eclectic in our house = 3 days of work.

Friday night while Mike and Shannon were here (my old roommates) the boys replaced the valve on thee 1/2 bath toilet so it now works, it runs alot and the toilet needs some new guts, but it functions YaY. Wrapping things up, Sunday I painted, Bruce moved almost the rest of our stuff from Shawn's, Tim cleaned out the garage (Saturday) and helped Bruce with the moving.

All the bathroom needs is ceiling paint and color on the walls and to put things (vanity lights, medicine cabinet, shower curtain) and to get some textiles!!! I ordered material (for a cafe curtain for the window) from and am contemplating a skirt for the sink to hide the bucket for the leak and toilet paper. Photos soon!

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