Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting busy, to be busy.

So we didn't accomplish much this weekend, it was Nana's 90th birthday party so we were back at home for that. I did remember to get our Christmas ornaments so that I can start decorating soon, mom wouldn't let me dig through her decorations which are still packed away, so we came home with a pretty pathetic amount, most of which are cookie cutters!

We did get the shelf for the bathroom and its already jammed with stuff, I found a cute little glass jar in the breezeway to keep my cotton balls in! However after the amount of baking I did for Nana's party I'm ready to declare . . . I HATE THIS OVEN!!!! It is not mine, it will never be mine, it burnt my cookies and undercooked my brownies.

In other very sad news, PeanutButter, our guinea pig, died Saturday night. She had an infection in her foot and I'm not sure if it might have entered her blood stream and she became septic or that the antibiotics she was on made it impossible for her to eat. I had spent 36 hours force feeding her special food but she didn't make it. I'm very sad, she was a good little buddy came along on the CT adventure and was everyone's favorite tripod (as she only had 3 legs!). The house is a little quieter and definitely a little lonely. So I've spent all day cleaning, unpacking and planning the Thanksgiving prep for the next few days to forget how much I miss my little buddy.

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