Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bathroom Reno

Here's the much awaited bathroom renovation update. Let's start with what the bathroom looked like when our offer was accepted, when we started moving our things into the house. All I did once we moved in was clear out the clutter and change the shower curtain.
Lets notice a few things, those curtains and the ceiling should be white, that's mold/mildew. The sconces on the wall (didn't match) and were both plugged into the outlet that's in the fluorescent sconces. The toilet although it has a seat it didn't have a lid. Somethings you can't see in this picture, the faucets of the sink drip and the drain leaks (small trash can under the sink is to catch the drips not for trash). There was a hot pink bathmat and no exhaust fan, the seams of the wallpaper were obvious due to the mold/mildew build up. Lastly there were towel bars and handicap bars everywhere!
Here's what we did: curtains, wall paper and all the towel/handicap bars were removed with the exception of the original towel bars with tile mounts. This is what it looked like mid sanding and spackling on the main wall where the medicine cabinet and lights were and the tub surround. Bruce got really into removing the mold, instead of using some bleach to kill/remove it, he used the pointy end of my painters tool to physically remove it, hence a lot of sanding and spackling. While the medicine cabinet and fluorescent lights were down I decided to touch them up a little bit (I needed something to do while I was waiting for paint to dry!) I taped the original labels and the razor blade slot in the medicine cabinet and spray painted my little heart out.
Bruce installed a fan/light while I was dealing with the walls. All said we were without a shower for 3 days! I thought my hair (full of spackle dust) was going to get up and walk off my head!
We chose a paint color that was as close to the tile as I could find, in a new Benjamin Moore special formulation that is supposed to retard mold growth. Now ideally there would have been wallpaper but we have no desire to have that mold come back and until we insulate above the ceiling there is going to be a lot of condensation. So after two coats of primer and two coats of color. The painting was completed the lights and medicine cabinet went back up as did the shower curtain.This is the finished product but I'd like to point out a few special touches. Like the new toilet seat and the disappearance of the mismatched sconces now that there is an overhead light.
Our awesome original wall mounted sink with chrome legs and tile bars, revived with a little Turtle Wax chrome cleaner. The faucets no longer leak, the drain still does a little but not the torrents that it used to.The lights and medicine cabinet were spruced up with some spray paint and we purchased a chrome corner shelf for some extra storage. The shelf isn't exactly stocked beautifully but I'm waiting until the linen closet is done to really decide what's going there.

Our new lined cafe curtain, my first sewing project! I love this fabric which we got from http://www.tonicliving.com/ they have great retro fabrics, they'll even make stuff for you!
Lastly everything was cleaned! (accept for the grout), I love the princess tub (an overhead shower head would be amazing but for now what we have is fine) and our great new bathmat helps pull white into the room, I'm waiting for some hand towels that match (mom picked them up because our Target didn't have them). I just need some art for the walls and I'm taking suggestions I'd love a retro print that incorporates the colors from the curtain. That's all for now, I've already moved on to the linen closet so that I can get things into it. From there its organize the rest of the closets then paint/accessorize the half bath!

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