Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like . . .

Christmas!!! It's snowed twice in the past week and our candle lights
in the windows look beautiful with the snow, I was going to put garland up the driveway lightpost but I think I'll just do lights. And a small lighted wreath on the front door.
I found these huge ornaments at Target, ten dollars for the set! They are perfect for the picture window in the living room.

This vase was in the breezeway when we moved in, I brought it in and cleaned it up. It's pretty much flaw-less. Then got these artificial berries from Target (my favorite store) they should be a relavant decoration Thanksgiving through Valentine's day!
This little guy sits on the other side of the mantle from the berries in the vase. He's getting my Santa Hat for the season.

The snowmen are hanging out under the TV, one is a glass-blown piece from my mom a few years ago and the other is a wind-up from last year!
There's alot more to do on the decorating front! The pile of decorations has moved from the kitchen table to one of the couches in the living room. Hopefully we will get a tree and the wreath this weekend. I already have some ribbon for the wreath bow and I'm thinking of getting some more ribbon to drape over the trim in the dinning room to hang Christmas cards on. Most decorating is on hold until I'm done with finals though!

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