Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not to much to Report

Updates, not to many with the holiday we haven't really been here to much. The house is way to quiet without PeanutButter and I find myself bothering Chloe (the chinchilla) frequently in a paranoid mommy way. And telling her that she is to quiet. She is not excited about the extra attention, which is hopefully short-lived I have my sights set on another pet!

Today is Bruce's birthday and I was really excited to set up his side of the office while he was at work at as a birthday surprise. Imagine my surprise last night when I got home after class to "ok let's move my desk!" Boo, surprise ruined. Back to the puppy search, after spending the weekend with his parents doodle I think we might need a dog.

I have a busy day of shopping planned, lining for the bathroom curtain as the fabric finally came and I need to construct this curtain (as soon as I do that I promise photos) and a book to tell me how to construct said curtain. The Christmas Tree Shop for thermal curtains for the bedroom, Ikea for more shelves for the bookcase in the living room, and target for hand towels to match the bathmat.

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