Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Butcher Block Make Over

This butcher block was originally my Bumpa's, after he passed away it went to my dad. It then sat in their basement for a few years. I dug it out sometime in jr. high and sanded it by hand and it became part of my parents' kitchen.  A few years ago they re-did their kitchen and Bumpa's Butcher Block was relegated to the basement once again.  So when we were getting ready to move into the house I claimed it as my own. 

It's been living in the corner of the kitchen since my dad came down with all my furniture, this is the closest photo I have that shows where in the kitchen it was (the arrow is the actual location it has spent most of its time).  When we needed to move it for some kitchen changes (more on that soon) I decided it was a great time to refinish it.

To the basement it went, there is some marker transfer, some moisture rings, and at least fifteen years of use and grime.

After a pass with 60 grit, then 110 and finally 220 with my trusty palm sander. I originally started with 220, being cautious and used 3 pads on the first pass, then went through 5 of 110 before I gave up and went for 60 grit. There was alot of grime! Remember, if you are sanding wood go with the grain!

I wiped it down thoroughly then slathered on a beeswax and food grade mineral oil product made for butcher blocks and cutting boards, that I picked up at Home Depot.  I heated the product up with hot water first, then painted it on with a 3 inch foam brush. And let it soak for twenty minutes.

After the soak I wiped off the excess and buffed it.  The stains are mostly gone but it still has all the character from years and years of Bumpa's cooking!
This is how it looks in the kitchen! Notice something else used to be here . . . (hint, hint)

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