Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Week of Dinners

What's the most diverse protein?


What's the easiest thing to pop in the oven and do a bunch of other things?


What goes on sale once a month?


You get what I'm saying typing.  It's also a great Sunday dinner.  My new favorite way to roast a whole chicken was from Big Girls Small Kitchen which I can't directly link to because I can't find it.  But you do this.

No roasting rack, herbs, onion and lemon inside; salt and pepper on the outside (and maybe some bacon) and a big baking dish of potatoes underneath.  Roast until the juices run clear (165 degrees).

Use for salads, calzones, stir frys, pot pies, enchiladas, gumbo, soup . . .  pretty much anything you can dream up! AND you can make stock from it!

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