Monday, January 28, 2013

Goals Update

Purge and Tame: The dining room is still pristine. We are maintaining a clean kitchen table.  We are still making babystep progress in the office, both of our "shred" piles went up the chimney this weekend.  While I was painting yesterday afternoon and evening Bruce spent his time attempting to make sense of this mess:
Workbench closeup!
All I can say to wrap this up is a giant contractor bag came up the stairs and to the curb.
Blogging: I did get last week's progress up, but it was pretty late.  Guilt blogging at midnight on Sunday,  Monday is going to be rough, I still need to shower before I make it to bed.
Health and Wellness: I'm still boycotting the gym.  Bruce is not. Maybe I'll make it this week.  Thursday night we had a date so we ate out, we left our phones at home, this falls under the category of relationship wellness which is so important.  We came home and went through a giant box of Bruce's photos from high school and the beginning of college.  I might have said about photos of his high school girlfriend "Can I send these back to her 'Love Bruce's wife?" he said no; it was still a great night. I also bought lunch one day but it was a salad.  We're eating lots of home-cooked meals and breakfast everyday.  I have so much more energy and when I get home from work I'm ready to DIY and organize.

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