Tuesday, June 11, 2013


No, nothing is wrong, I've just been very very busy.  Every year my boss is the co-organizer for a large workshop at our university and my job title changes from research assistant to workshop coordinator.  This involves some catering, some schmoozing of vendors and speakers, generating ID's, etc. . . It also means I may or may not have had wine and pepperoni and cheese for dinner more than once.  It's a welcome change of pace and a very welcome return to normalcy when the week is over.  Then Bruce and I packed up Friday afternoon and went to Newport for the weekend.
My parents sent us some snacks, we ate some great food, did some shopping and celebrated the wedding of a friend.
We also slept in! We're leaving Thursday for ten days but I hope to take lots of photos while we are away!
Also I am soooo bad at taking photos of myself, but I did take all these photos with my iPhone.

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