Friday, January 31, 2014

29 Weeks

We are officially in the third trimester! I’m still feeling pretty good overall, sure there is a fair amount of heartburn and bending over is a thing of the past, as is sleeping all night long but that’s really not much to complain about. Baby is very active when I’m waking up and going to bed at night and definitely growing!
People always ask about cravings, I haven't really had any.  Other than chocolate but that's pretty normal for me even when I'm not growing a tiny human.  I try to cook healthy, well balanced meals but again still pretty normal for me, possibly we are eating less vegetarian meals but they are still around in the meal plan.  Every night I take my mulit-vitamin and half a calcium supplement (I halved the calcium when started eating more Tums to combat the heartburn!).  So I'm happy to report that recent blood work all came back normal.  AKA I'm not anemic nor do I have gestational diabetes.
I've been reading about natural childbirth and cloth diapers, we're planning on give both a well educated try, with the full understanding that even the best laid plans can go astray.
So for the next few weeks we'll be chugging along doing stuff around the house before the whirwind of bridal and baby showers and baby prep classes start at the end of February!

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