Friday, January 17, 2014

Nursery Plans

As I had mildly alluded to in my Where We Live post back at the end of September I started planning Baby’s nursery months ago!  I knew it would be gender neutral and that I didn’t want to go with the jungle theme, not that there is anything wrong with it but I’ve seen it done to many times and wanted something a little bit different.  I think I decided on the color palette first, although I could have found the rug first then decided on the color palette; gray, yellow and white with some green.  Either way then I came up with “Stars and Moons”  that way if the little one is a boy we can take it in a space direction or if she’s a girl we can make it nice and dreamy.

Nursery Moodboard
The rug is the Colonial Mills Natura, Confetti Braided rug and the color is Daisy.  I waited and waited for it to go on sale and got it during Cyber Monday(from RugsUSA)!  It didn’t come until right before Christmas and because the room really isn’t started yet it’s still rolled up, it seems to have more green in it than I remember but that’s fine.

The crib is from BabyMod sold through WalMart, we looked at so many options then realized that the most important thing to us was how it would be constructed and finished.   I got to researching and ended up back at my favorite blog YoungHouseLove and their crib search four years ago and that’s how I got to this company.  It is constructed of solid wood, no plywood or particle board that could off gas yicky things and has a non-toxic finish. Win-Win, now if it just wasn't out of stock. I guess it's not a huge deal as the little one will sleep in our room for a while but I'd ideally like the room together before the grand arrival.

For the walls we will probably go with the same color that is in our bedroom, Gray Owl potentially 50% darker.  I’m hoping to do some star vinyl decals on the wall, potentially in some constellations from UrbanWalls in gold metallic up towards the ceiling. Then add lots of fun yellow and white accents.  We’ll be using a dresser that my parents just picked up from a local consignment furniture shop and are bringing down this weekend.  We will secure a changing table pad to the top of it instead of getting a changing table.  I think this will give us better storage options and a piece of furniture that will grow with Baby.  We are also very lucky to have a rocking chair that has been in Bruce’s family for a few generations made for short people like us!

For more of what I’m thinking take a peak at the Nursery Pinterest Board.  But for now here is a list of things To-Do for the Nursery!

Save Full Bed (Upstairs for now)
Relocate Bruce's clothes and trash crappy dresser.
Go through random things stored around the room.
Clean and Seal Floors
Purchase Rug
Purchase Crib
Purchase Dresser
Secure changing pad to dresser.
Train Kenny to Invitation-Only policy.
Make Cute!

Before we can take down the bed we need a convertible sofa for the office, before we can get that we need to get rid of Bruce's desk, before we can do that he needs to empty it out.

Before we can relocate Bruce's clothes we need built-ins in our closet, to build the built-ins he needs a finished workshop, to finish the workshop we need to finish waterproofing the wall the work bench is going to be placed against.  We're waterproofing this weekend.

Kenny is well trained with Invitation-Only for the basement, the couch and our bed; meaning he only comes into that space when we tell him it is OK or invite him UP (bed/couch). Hopefully this will give us a space to have tummy-time without Kennay in Baby's face! 

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