Monday, January 13, 2014


Big things are happening around here.  Baby C is coming in April whether or not we are ready!


Since my last “update” post in October we’ve been busy trying to knock things off the giant list we made in September.  I’ll go through that later this week but for now here are a few photo highlights from the past few months.

Even with first trimester exhaustion I still managed to can more this year than ever, something crazy like three dozen pints and and dozen quarts of tomato sauce, a batch of stewed tomatoes, a batch of chicken soup, a small batch of peach plum ginger jam, apple pie filling and a batch of chili.

I also used the last of our paste tomatoes to make actual paste which I froze in ice cube trays.  I has been great for thickening sauces and soups already.  I also roasted then froze the last of the cherry tomatoes which I should be able to just thaw and toss onto pasta.

This fall we also made a huge goodwill run while cleaning up the basement, while there we found this hutch, it functions so much better in the kitchen than the table (that we never used) did and adds some much needed storage.

We had our anatomy ultrasound.  Everything looks good!  We decided to wait until Baby C is born to find out if she/he is a she or a he!

I did decorate for Christmas, although for some reason that I can’t remember I tossed some of our window lights at the end of the 2012 season and did pick up replacements until the weekend before Christmas and they never actually made it into the windows.  But we got and decorated a tree and most of the rest of the decorations made it up.  We made the rounds to see family during the holiday and are so blessed by the love and generosity we receive during the season.

I’ve been battling congestion for most of my pregnancy but just before Christmas is morphed into a full head cold.  Because of that we decided to stay home on New Years Eve this year.  We celebrated with lobsters (and oysters for Bruce) then waffles on New Years Day.  Although I’ve been relatively quite here we have been very busy not only with Baby C’s impending arrival this spring but we are in four weddings in 2014 so we are gearing up for a busy year!  I hope to keep you better informed now that the craziness of the holidays has passed and we’ll have exciting things to share as we get the house ready for Baby.

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