Saturday, April 17, 2010

Channeling the Chooch

Sadly "my" dog reached the end of her life a few weeks ago.  We got her at the beginning of my senior year of high school and she was pretty tightly bonded to me even if I didn't live at home for most of her life, she was still my dog.  Ch.Pinewoods Lady Guenevere, generally known as Guen, affectionately as "the chooch"  (like choo choo train) had lots of arthritis and was generally pretty grumpy the past few years but we did as much as possible to keep her comfortable, she was also very territorial about the house. 

You can imagine how nervous we all were when Bruce and I got Kenny and the next weekend had plans to visit my parents.  After planning a very orchestrated introduction between the two which was delayed by Kenny's hesitation about getting out of his crate/the car, during which time Guen sat in the driveway near my car seeming to ask me "why are we sitting in the driveway its COLD", he got out of the car she sniffed him, wagged her tail, and there was zero issues, they seemed to be connected from the start, she even let him eat out of her bowl with her. It was our Christmas Miracle. One of Guen's favorite things was late night snacks, she would lay underneath your legs while sitting on the couch and prop her head up next to you legs and eyeball your snacks. 

So Monday night I was up very late waiting for an email from my advisor and having snacks, Kenny had been begging, but then he seemed to give up and laydown at my feet, then he did this . . .

I was almost to shocked to cry, but I did grab my camera which for some reason was close.  Its funny how these things happen, it doesn't make us miss Guen any less but I know that she's happy and pain free now.

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