Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Dinning Room

I sucessfully defended my thesis Monday, they passed me I just need to analzye one last set of data before its printed, no big deal.  Tuesday I got to work on the Dinning Room, I've had the wallpaper for about a month and had the paint colors picked out but was being very mature and waiting till my thesis was done. So its done and now I've sanded and painted the trim and have the first coat of paint on the trim.
The interior walls of the china cabinet will be a light tan, below the chair rail will be a tan that is a shade darker than the print of the wallpaper and the trim is the background color of the wallpaper  (BM white blush).

For the record, windows take forever to paint, those ladies and gentlemen are oldschool pane windows 16 pieces of glass there no cute little snap out panes for me.

AND I painted the ceiling, it's amazing how much brighter the room already looks.

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