Thursday, April 29, 2010

You thought school was over?

Me too. I was wrong. I had to sign up for something in addition to my thesis credits this semester to keep my finacial aid, so my advisor suggested I do an independant study for her. Woof. It had proven to be more time consuming than I expected, I'm pretty much making power point presentations from the book "The Power of Plagues" currently I'm working on Tuberculosis, I just finished Syphilis and next on the docket is Leprosy. Like I said Woof. I would way rather be painting and such, even writing the last data set into my thesis.  Anything but this.

I changed a few things on the project list, more photo updates soon but Shannon helped me strip the wallpaper in the dining room and I bought the glass shelf for the bathroom. Time is getting tight it's going to be a busy few days here!

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