Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Ready

We have a BIG delivery coming tomorrow and I am beside myself excited. But I'm going to be cruel and make you wait until the delivery actually happens.
In preparation for the BIG delivery Bruce replaced one of the outlets in the kitchen.  I'm not a big fan of DIY electrical work so I'm sparing all the details, bottom line: if you aren't sure hire a pro.
Old two prong outlet was removed, the purpose of this photo is to show that there is no ground wire.

Then clean out the box.

Add ground wire, with green screw. Apparently everything is color coded.

Secure new outlet.  Yes, it is upsided-down on purpose, for things that have the third prong it helps them stay in better as the ground pole is the longest, also if something spills the "bottom" which is our top, protrudes the farthest and will prevent the spill from getting in the outlet.

1 comment:

  1. For one the outlet is upside down and two, doing this is not up to code here where im at since the metal box (which the outlet is grounded to) is not grounded.