Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm sure there are a few people getting antsy to see the dining room makeover pictures, but to be honest its not quite done. I'm working on painting the top door and getting the art in frames. But here's a quick DIY to tide you over.
I was reprimanded for the amount of paper in my desk trash this week and while I was cleaning up my desk yesterday I made a recepticle for my paper recycling that looks nice on the desk top.

I started with this box, its low profile was perfect, its not the size of a full sheet of paper but things can always be folded in half.

I cut the top off.

And lined with some neutral wrapping paper that I've used to wrap other boxes around the office that hold little odds and ends that still don't have a home! Using packing tape on the bottom to make sure there is no potential for rips as it gets tossed around.

It now sits on the corner of my desk.

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