Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Warriors: Lumberjacks

We had a very busy weekend "dialing up our doing dials"; we took down five trees in our backyard which were standing dead or very close to dead. We started by going out Friday night and picking up a new bar and chain for the chain saw and for me, work gloves that fit. They are also pretty.

Even on the working side.

Now, Bruce has been cutting down trees with his dad for a very long time and I would never recommend that anyone do this if they've never done it before. Bad things can happen the tree can fall on your house or your neighbor's house, ditto for cars, or you. Scary, I had the phone in the breezeway just in case. That's the main reason we have a land line (so 911 can find us). Call a professional to bring the trees down, don't get hurt, this isn't a step-by-step DIY guide. If you click on the photo below it will take you to the Picassa slide show.

Sometimes, the tree is disagreeable to be taken down. In this case the tree got stuck on a neighboring tree, Bruce cut sections out of the bottom until it dislodged and we were able to pull it over.

Our backyard looks like we've been through a hurricane!

Sunday we headed to Home Depot for some lumber to build a wood rack.  It's pretty sturdy and should hold almost a cord of split wood.

After the rain Bruce split one all the wood from one of the trees then we stacked it.

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