Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adventures on Vacation

During my hiatus, Bruce had an actual vacation, which we spent together with my Nana, cousins, etc. at the family summer cottage.  We didn't do much, lots of reading, swimming, eating and drinking.
My family also decided that we needed a few trees taken down, one of which had grown over the house.  So we had a professional company come with a crane to remove it.  When the tree company arrived we were a little confused about how they were going to do it, but when they got right down to it we were amazed.
They took the sections up and over the house (and power lines), then around and down by the driveway.  Other than the beautiful wedding we attended Saturday; the tree removal was the most exciting adventure we had on vacation.  It was an amazing opportunity to recharge.  But now back to reality, the house needs to be cleaned, there is lots of laundry, the garden it hurting, the lawn hasn't been mowed in weeks and I need to find a job!

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