Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canning Adventure: Part 2

Canning is a complicated process, even more so when canning meats, seafood, tomatoes and other acid foods, which require pressure canning for safety. I don't dare to try to explain how it is done here.  The best online resource I have found is The National Center for Home Food Preservation

This was pre-canning, it is generally recommended that jars be kept in simmering water prior to hot packing.  Our water comes out of the tap simmering so I decided that this was alright.
The pot on the right is the pressure canner without it's cover, water heating to boil.  On the left is the stock heating up for hot-packing. And of course our beautiful stove.
This is not all the jars of stock that I canned this day, I did 5 quarts of chicken stock and 4 quarts of shrimp stock.  I feel like we are going to save quite a bit of money particularly on seafood stock and can't wait to make shrimp risotto with it!
We've also already used some of the stock and I'm proud to report, we're still alive and well.

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