Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Bruce has class on Monday nights, so we did most of our celebrating over the weekend.
 Have you ever tried to use a pancake mold? 
A heart is a pretty simple shape and it took some finesse, I can't imagine how these fromWilliams Sonoma come out so nice.  Maybe they come with directions.
 I did eventually get some pretty pancakes.  Then I made Ina's crab cakes and lobster pot pies.  Of course I can't leave well enough alone; I excluded the fennel, used my own shrimp stock and added summer corn (real Cape Cod corn on the cob that I froze this summer). Also, I sauteed the crab cakes instead of frying.  They were great but next time I would fry them.
For my efforts I came home to these beautiful roses!  I won't lie, the last (and only other time) I got roses for Valentine's Day was TEN years ago!
It's a beautiful thing to be happy and in love.

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