Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Make a Dog Bed

I started this project last winter, I thought it would be easy to just sew up the edges of one of Kenny's blanket throw in a zipper. 
 I started with the blanket, a "for sports wear" zipper, "heavy duty" thread, and a foam mattress pad.

I then cut the seamed edges off the blanket.  Which turned out to be a big mistake because the sewing machine kept getting caught on the cheap fleecy blanket, I think that this wouldn't have happened on the seam.
I turned it inside out and pinned the edges.  Placing the zipper in one of the short ends.  Kenny wanted to know what I was doing to his blanket.  Look how little he was!!!
Sorry for the crappy photo I was just glad to be done. 
I ended up hand sewing the entire thing.
I was so determined to finish this project that I forgot I was attempting to get the Boston Red Sox B on the top and the long seam on the bottom.
All I did after this was to double over the foam and cut it to size.
Kenny loves it, he sleeps on it every night next to our bed.

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