Friday, February 25, 2011

Slipping Duvet

Don't you just hate it when your duvet slides around inside the beautiful, new duvet cover? I decided to do something about it. 
Iron-On Velcro
Step 1: Cut matching hook and loop pieces for the corners and middle.
Step 2: Take the duvet out of the cover and turn the cover inside out.
Step 3: Iron on the velcro, shake the duvet to move the batting out of the area. Iron the back side on the highest setting with the velcro against the ironing board.  Use another piece of iron-safe material to protect your duvet and cover.

I used a rag that used to be one of Bruce's t-shirts.

Step 4: Turn the cover right side out and put the duvet back in.

Tip: Iron the velcro onto the same corners.  Or it will look all bunchy.  I'll get around to fixing it this weekend.

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