Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kennay's New Hair Cut

Around this time of year Bruce starts saying Kenny's hot it's time to shave him, I spend a fair amount of time saying No it's too early, I only want to do it once.  Some M.O. this year,  until he started bringing in ticks. So. Gross.  I wanted shave him before applying his Advantix because it's less messy and because the less hair the easier it is to find the ticks.
He's a hairy beast.  He's also the best dog on Earth, I can shave him solo.  Kenny sit, down, good boy.
Ok time to roll over. Literally this dog lets me roll him over and drag him around the living room to shave him.
Ok we're done for tonight, you were a good boy have a treat.
I still need to do his tail, paws and ears. I'll need Bruce to hold his head still for the ears, Kenny doesn't like the buzzing.
He looks so different!

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