Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monogram Doormat

We have had a gross piece of the leftover black rubber welcome mat for almost two years.  It's embarrassing, now, the Christmas Tree Shoppe has monogram doormats but I could never seem to find the right one.
I decided to make one, so I pinterest-ed around I after pinning a few things I think this is the source. Pinned here and here. Then I got too it.
I bought the mat for $10 at Home Depot, but I'm sure you could find one for less at Wal-Mart, I was at HD that day so that's where I bought it.  I used my Silhouette machine to make the monogram.
I used painters tape to roughly make a one inch border and some newspaper to cover the negative space.  Now even though I used adhesive card stock for the monogram I ended up needed to use some pins to keep it from curling and I should have used more (there was a little over-spray).
Then I sprayed away, I used spray paint for plastic but that was just what I had, I'm sure regular spray paint would work fine.
It looks so much nicer, like, maybe grown-ups live here. It's been out for a few weeks and still looks great, probably better as the little bit of dirt hides the overspray!
I'm linking this to some Pinterest Parties at Young House Love, Bower Power, Sparkle Meets Pop and RedBirdBlue.


  1. What a cute with a capital C doormat :) Love the border as well. It look so much better now!