Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Wedding Adventure: Ceremony and Reception

These were supposed to be separate posts but I had a crazy week last week so it's a mega-post! Also the last wedding post was pretty text heavy, this one will be photo heavy. I'm sure no one will mind :-)
We were married at the (Catholic) parish that I grew up in; it is where I was baptized, made my first communion and my confirmation.  We were also married on the Holy Day of Pentecost. Getting married on Pentecost meant that I we were not able to choose our readings, there were a few extra parts to mass and we had to be a little bit more conservative with our music choices than I would have liked.
Our moms processed to Ave Maria and everyone else (me included) walked in to Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desire.  Our music choices were simple, a male and female vocalist with piano accompaniment   My good friend Barry Kingston sang during communion. The recessional was Clark's Trumpet Voluntary.
Our vows were traditional, I didn't cry.  I smiled all freaking day.  The matron of honor and the best man were on the altar with us, everybody else were in the pews.
Then dad handed over the keys to the corvette and off we went.  No getting drunk in the limo for us! Most of the bridesmaids took the limo all the groom's men drove.
Our reception was at Camp Bournedale and it was perfect!  Darin was great to work with and the location is beautiful.
After photos we made our way inside to Mothership Connection (P-Funk)  then danced to Forever (Ben Harper).  Tip: If you are going to take dance lessons, really do it, take more than three.  We took three and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. One of the few not grinning moments of the day.
Grace by Fr.Charlie, then three speeches. That's right we had three speeches, Best Man, Matron of Honor and TapDan aka my cousin Daniel who is also one of Bruce's best friends, he introduced us.  He told us he was going to give a speech, so we went with it.
We snuck away with Jess after dinner and took some more photos, which ended up being my favorites.
Our cake was chocolate with raspberry filling, it was awesome so awesome that I ate it for breakfast. The song we used was Good Life (One Republic).
Then I danced with my Dad, to another of Barry Kingston's songs Run Wild Baby Child.  I love this photo, that's Barry and my mom in the back watching us dance.  Bruce and his mom danced to the Joan Baez version of Forever Young.  I watched some of their dance then snuck off to change out of my gown into . . .
My dancing dress! Because it was time to dance. And dance we did. What an amazing day. There are so many photos of crazy dancing, you will just have to take my word for it. I may or may not have danced so wild with my Uncle Chuck to Moves Like Jager that my garter fell off!

If you are getting married near Cape Cod we recommend:
Jess Doherty 
Mike's Music
The Bashful Baker
Camp Bournedale/Bournedale Function Facility
Dedham Flower Shoppe

Jess took the photos, Mike was an amazing DJ, Darin and the staff at Bournedale did an amazing job all around (food, bar and accommodations) and Sue baked an amazing cake!  I've known Ann from the Dedham Flower Shoppe my whole life and she did a beautiful job with the flowers everything was perfect!

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