Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventure to Cape Breton

Back in June Bruce and I drove to Cape Breton with my mom for a week.  My aunt passed away in the spring and wanted her ashes scattered where she and my mom spent their summers as children.  So off we went.  We left bright and early on a Saturday morning back in June  It is about a twenty hour drive from my parents house to Glace Bay on Sunday afternoon (where we were staying with family) and we have usually done this drive over two days. On the way up we stayed in Moncton, New Brunswick and on the way back we stayed outside Bangor, ME; honestly we didn't do much sight seeing while in those two places after spending 10+ hours in the car.

We did however do a little bit of sight seeing while in Nova Scotia and lots of visiting (in true Christine fashion I forgot to take any photos of people). Tuesday I could not be convinced to get back into a car.  But Wednesday Bruce and I were off to drive the Cabot Trail.  I encourage you to go to Nova Scotia, enjoy the scenery and partake in the amazing treats the province and especially Cape Breton have to offer.


We left Glace Bay and drove to Baddeck, picked up some maps and took some photos of the Bra's 'dor Lakes and the Schooner Ameboa which gives tours.  At some point while chasing the Ameboa to take photos Bruce remembered that he really enjoys photography and confiscated the DSLR, so the photo credits in the post all go to him (unless he's in the photo).

From Baddeck we drove to Cheticamp where we had lunch which was excellent. It was rainy when we left Glace Bay but just as we got to the coast it cleared up and the weather was beautiful, as was the scenery.  Then headed into the provincial park.

We stopped at pretty much every "scenic overlook" so I apologie for the photo-dump.  We also saw a bear cub crossing the road but I couldn't get the camera up to take a photo of it, You'll just have to take my word for it.

We stopped at MacIntosh Falls for a short hike.  It was around two miles total and flat, it was a great time to get out of the car and get some blood flowing back in our legs! There are many great places to hike around the park, with difficultly levels for everyone.


From there we drove to St.Ann's for dinner.  Now if we had wanted to we could have taken a short ferry and maybe cut down on our driving but we really wanted to complete the whole Cabot Trail and we would have missed the very end by taking the ferry.

We got back to Glace Bay just in time to watch the Bruins game. It was another 10 hour day in the car but it was definitely worth it!  Thursday night we had an amazing lobster dinner, which I failed to take any photos of because I was way to busy eating it!  Friday we climbed back in the car for the long drive home.  Saturday we stopped in Freeport and did some shopping, we got some great deals at the L.L.Bean and Northface outlets.


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