Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adventures in Roofing

July first we started our Big Roofing Adventure, it also was the start of a huge heat wave, perfect for roofing.  The dumpster was delivered, oh so exciting. But the first thing that went into it was not roof related, it was our big broken recliner couch!  (More on that in another post).
July third we spent three hours at Home Depot, then got up the morning of the fourth sometime entirely too early. Bruce's parents arrived and work began, Bruce's parents were present for 95% of this roofing adventure and their help was invaluable.  Looking back now the days seem to run together, but I know that we collapsed after dinner.
Many of the joists on the back of the breezeway needed to be reeinforced and all the plywood needed to be replaced.  We knew that we would need to replace the plywood but not the joists.  We didn't even have the right size boards so Bruce and his dad had to rip 2x8's down to 2x6 which added significantly to our timeline.

Our friend Jon came down on Saturday and Sunday of 4th of July weekend and his help was also invaluable.  And even I (not a big fan of heights or a person who functions well in the heat) got up on the roof to assist laying the flat roof. Kenny was the spotter while we were all on the roof.

By the end of the day Sunday all the roofing felt was down (making the roof water proof) some of the front was done and the flat roof was done (the hardest part.)
Have I mentioned yet that it was 102 degrees while they/we were up on the roof.  It was so hot that the special tar for the flat roof wouldn't set and it was sliding under our feet as we were trying to lay it.  You might notice in some of the photos that Bruce is wearing a big straw hat, i bought that while we were in Jamaica on our honeymoon.  I also implemented frequent water/gatorade breaks and kept frozen wash cloths in the freezer that we rotated into the cooler and luckily no one had heat stroke.  There was also a lot of 50 spf.

We both took Monday off.  I would love to say that we spent quality time together but I can't.  We went back and forth about calling someone to finish the job it was unpleasant but we worked through it and were fine by bedtime.  Bruce called for an estimate but after looking at the few rows of finished front shingles for the rest of the week we made some command decisions.  We returned the original 3 tab shingles and got architectural shingles, they look no different once they are on but they are much easier when there is a lot of cutting involved and our roof has a lot of cutting involved.  Then into the dumpster went the first few rows on the front, replaced with the new kind of shingles.  Then we (and by we I mean Bruce) decided to do both sides of the garage.  Initially we were only going to do the side of the garage that meets the breezeway, but we decided that we had enough materials and still had the dumpster so we should just go for it.  So Jon came back and helped to strip and felt the far side of the garage.  We emptied a few more things out of the dumpster and called the company to come take it away.  The dumpster was hauled away on Monday July 22.

Like I said before the timeline is a little hazy Bruce's parents came back the first weekend of August (I think Sunday) and they got all the shingles laid on the far side of the garage.  The rest of the shingles Bruce did after work.  The breezeway peak is done and vented, so all that is left is to finish the garage peak.

Now to finish the inside. :-)

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  1. Even in that kind of hot weather, everyone was determined to push through with the roofing project. It's much better to work up on the roof under the scorching heat of the sun rather than the pouring rain. At the end of the day, all your efforts paid off. Good job, guys!

    -Danielle Bailey @ VinylumeInc