Thursday, September 19, 2013

Long Over-Due

So Tuesday's post was obviously very very long overdue. Opps! A Few weekends ago we sat down and put together a list of all the things we need to do around the house; for right now, for the near future and for what we think should be done for re-sale.  It is big and scary and we kind of put it together and ignored it for a little bit. Not to say that we haven't been chipping away at it.  But it has sat over on Google Drive barely organized for ten days.  Earlier this week I gave it some attention.  I mentally divided it into two major categories: This year's outside tasks and everything else.  Then I organized everything else and semi-prioritized our fall list. So here it is:

Our Big Adventurous List
Before the Snow
FINISH JETTA (and probably tidy the garage)
Fix flat tire on Snapper
Get mulch
Front wall bed
Fix Tractor
Check out chipper/mulcher
Garage door trim
Replace old garage door
Finish trim on the garage
Replace shingles on the side of the house
Paint new Shingles
Paint outdoor breezeway trim/clean up
Call Dillon roofing about replacing the roof
Order firewood
Clean chimney
Finish painting front door.
Build back step
Replace back gutter
Scrap/Donate Passat
Scrap/Donate Big Red Truck

New light box for overhead lighting.
New window
Ceiling (bead board) and insulation
Remove wall heater and install baseboard heater.
Vinyl/snap together floor
New doors/windows in the front.
Fix or replace back screen.
Solution for cabinets (repaint/reface/replace)
New counters
Solution for dining room/fridge wall.
New flooring possibly matching/coordinating with breezeway
New range hood. (vent outside if possible)
Living Room
Prime and paint coat closet (smells bad)
Prime and paint
Hide TV wires
Hang art.
Master Bedroom
Built-Ins for master closet
Hang art work
Find/build new bedside tables.
Move mirror inside one of the closet doors and put hooks on the back of the bedroom door.
Second Bedroom
Prime and paint ceiling, walls, trim, closet and radiator.
Finish murphy desk
Replace paneling with drywall
Replace Bruce’s desk pullout couch or futon.
Install hot water heater
Finish waterproofing and cleaning out.
Build a bike rack.
Get rid of metal shelving in the basement and move wood shelving together.
Mount die grinder
Make workshop functional
Build wood rack
Lift washer/dryer have defined laundry area.
Define wood stove area (under living room) with old metal desk and seating.
Second Floor
Clean out
Whole House/Outside Projects
Clean/Seal hardwoods.
Remove cedar tree and build deck/low patio off breezeway.
Remove pine tree by the street.
Have stumps pulled or ground down.
New garden fence.
Remove “widow maker” branch.
Paint house exterior.
Replace windows.
Craig’s List/Donate/Trash old furniture with no use.
Replace Front Door

Of course looking at this made me realize that the project list over on the sidebar needs seriously to be updated.  So I've given each of these categories their own spot on the list so we can all keep track of the progress around here.

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