Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where We Live

I almost titled this post "Where the Magic Happens" but I thought that might be a little to MTV Cribs. It was going to be this nice house tour where I used the tripod and took lovely composed photos of our house just after I spent all day cleaning it.  But life happens and I didn't clean the whole house and I just grabbed the camera yesterday morning, put up the shades and closed the toilets.  As a result the white balance is bad, there are messes and a few photos might even be a little blurry.

I didn't do the breezeway, it is better than it was but I still can't let you see the utter mess. So into the kitchen.

We need new counters, something needs to be done about the cabinets and the layout of where the fridge is (which you can't really see) needs work.  I love our appliances; particularly the stove, I love that stove. Off the kitchen is the half bath, not much has changed since I finished it in 2010.

Now into the office.  We are mid-makeover.  The Murphy desk needs a few finishing touches, then we need to organize, purge, re-organize, purge, toss the other desk, find a couch/sleeper sofa . . .  hence the mess, most of my time in there is organizing and purging.

I didn't re-photograph the hallways, the back hallway still needs one more frame and these photos of the front hall would be ruined by an 8am photo session. We also haven't done much in the full bath since the reno we did right after we moved in.  I had one of our favorite photos from our Cape Breton Adventure made as an acrylic print and bought a new (not see-through) shower curtain.  You also might notice what looks like a pile under the sink, it is actually a square wire basket to catch laundry, honestly one of my favorite things.  It doesn't take up much room visually when empty (helping to make the room look bigger) and corrals the laundry during the week.

Since the last master bedroom update, we've hung new curtains and some artwork.  I just hung those faux pewter frames this past weekend and the hangers on the back are irregular so they look pretty wonky right now, they also don't have anything in them, still working on that.  The other print I made for Bruce for our anniversary, it has lyrics from our wedding song over the infinity symbol.

There isn't much to say about the guest  room, Bruce gets ready for work in there hence the ironing board.  It is kind of the catch all for lost things, including furniture.  There are plans, that's all I am going to say about this room for now.

Last the living room.  We tossed the big couch in July when the dumpster was here.  The speakers have moved to the basement (another home for lost furniture) and we decided that we like the room better with out a big coffee table.

The dining room decor hasn't really changed since I "finished" it.  There still isn't any art on the walls but I have fun in here with seasonal decor. Right now I'm in between summer and fall, so there's nothing.

So that's what we're living in every day. Yes, I make the bed every morning that way at least if the rest of the place is a disaster the bed looks nice. Since I took the photos I've already cleaned up my desk so you can see the top of it again.

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  1. "Plans", huh? Interesting.... I'm still impressed by the roofing project! Can't wait to have a house (half true, half scared). Great job throughout.