Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Ready: Worms!

Before the giant tree came down in our backyard, I was really disappointed about the FAIL that our garden got. But now that the light blocker is gone the garden will stay and it is definitely going to need some compost to get it going in the spring.  I've decided to try vermiculture, composting with worms, in bins, in the basement.  Pretty much everyone I've told thinks it will smell, I'm pretty sure it won't.  I took a class at UMass Amherst with John Gerber, and many people were composting in their dorm rooms or apartments with worms, with no smell.  We shall see.  I'm following some build-your-own instructions I found here. However, I couldn't find the right size bins that weren't clear. So I grabbed some for-plastic spray paint and went to work.
I've ordered the worms, based on the research I did, this seems like the best option. And I've been collecting food for them for about ten days so that there would be good, squishy food when they get here.
I'm using the glass jar to collect kitchen scraps, the plastic bin will live in the basement as a receptacle when the kitchen jar is full. The plastic bottle is a fruit fly trap, just in case and it will live in the basement with the worms!

Side note: the for-plastic spray paint was awesome, I'm thinking of customizing our decoration storage boxes with corresponding holiday colors. Someday.

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