Saturday, November 6, 2010

Repair cont.

I have no photos, I'm to frustrated for photos. I overslept Thursday then spent hours out sourcing materials and driving all over looking for less than a gallon of Linseed Oil. When it got down to attempting to cut the glass to the appropriate size, it is not as easy as one would hope.  The first attempt was a giant FAIL, which eventually resulted in McGuiver~ing some tools and almost getting the second sheet cut correctly.

After FAIL #2 I gave up and binged on HGTV until Bruce got home, at which time we assessed the issues of the tools together and I in frustrated tears demanded that he make me a tool which would fit my needs.  He laughed lovingly at my frustrated tears and we headed to Home Depot. 

Currently he's cutting the tree in the backyard into little pieces and I'm cleaning up the house.  Maybe I need a day off from glass cutting anyways.

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